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The Crush Cancer Foundation is happy to announce it' summer workshop schedule. Our propiatary "Cruch It " method has been proven to help people experiencing cancer. Our workshops are free and can also be cinducted one on one if needed. Our goal is to improve quality of life and provide a spiritual connection to the afterlife. Call 330-689-6287 to schedule. Al workshops are from

July 6   - Mayfield      

July 3  - Parma/Snow

July 10  - Cuyahoga Falls    
August 14 - Beechwood

August 7- Strongsville

August 21 - Brecksvile

Mission Statement
To provide inspirational, life changing, guidance and instruction to people experiencing Cancer, and Women Fighting Breast Cancer.
We believe in empowerment through connecting with our inner strength, and by training our sub-conscious.
Our technique involves changing our negative thoughts, and inclinations to positive, empowering ones.

Format of Crush Cancer Fondation Workshop

15 minute - Introduction, who I am and why I am there. Explain what I will be saying and why during the meditation.

20 minute Meditation – Alpha level meditation is a very light meditative state.

Meditation Steps

1. Relaxation. Letting go of stress and               worry.

2. Connecting to inner self and power.
Radical forgiveness..

3. Taking all of the negative emotions due to the cancer pain and reframe them using the "Crush It" method.

4. Visualize medicines and treatments working exactly how the are supposed to..

5. Send loving energy to family and friends.

6. Became strong to fight on as a empowered person.

10 minute conclusion- Daily living. How to apply the Crushsh It method consistently. Pledge to smash the dark ball 5 times when it is your automatic thought.

Hand out comment cards. Scoring 1 to 5 for information, presentation, and meditation.

Hand out a program with an abbreviated meditation version of the Crush It method .

Thank you to our sponsors who made this all possible. Group photo for anyone that wants to be included. Fill out comment cards.